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What is Arcane Reservoir?

May 31, 2016

Arcane Reservoir is a podcast about the tabletop miniatures game Malifaux from the mind of me, Ben Sime:
former Malibros, Malifools and SMP Radio co host and just general Malifaux community nuisance.

On a personal level Arcane Reservoir is the podcast that I want to record and would love to listen too (outside of my own voice).
The show covers a whole range of subjects from tactics, to the community, to new releases but will always focus on the community and giving back to it.

Typically the podcast will try to keep away from the Master spot light formula as there are some great shows out there that already do so. However, never say never as if something feels especially relevant it will get it's time (new releases for example).

However, I aim for AR to not only be a platform for us but for many of the players in and around the UK (and sometimes from across the seas) to have a chance to be heard.
Obviously getting the people you have made friends with on to your show is easiest and luckily a lot of them are the best players of the game.

Just over twenty episodes in and so far I've had a cracking selection of guests from:

  • Greg Piskosz, former UK no.1 and one of the all around best and most tidiest players in the world.
  • Mark Elwood, current UK no.1 and Best Neverborn player, another great mind and one that has been at the top through M2E
  • Martin Wodehouse and Luke Cocksedge, two similarly highly ranked players both with big accolades and both players who have been a part of the Malifaux tournament scene since the beginning.
  • James Doxey and Craig Johnson, two top players within the ranks of the Harrogate team who have made multiple masters and won many an event.
  • Aaron Bailey, you know, essentially the former co-host who while having a break at time of writing, was one of the best Guild (Perdita) players in the country.
  • Tim Brown, arguably co-host now, has been in the scene almost as long as anyone and as son of legendary Clousseau is well versed in Tournaments, shows and more.

There has been and will be even more, but this is the sort of thing I like doing with the podcast. Let voices be heard, promote events and make the Malifaux scene buzz and tick along even stronger.

I want to continue this trend and I look towards the future.

If you would like to contact me or the show, the best way is via 
Twitter @ArcaneReservoir or

Hope you enjoy the show(s). 

-Ben (@psientologist)